JustJess Cake Co

June 25, 2020

We decided after lockdown that we wanted to get back into shooting as quickly and as often as possible, we really missed bein behind the camera! So we messaged Jess (another Hobsonville Point local) and asked if she’d mind if we headed to hers one morning and to capture her in action!

For Jess’s Plus Personal Branding session based in Auckland, Adam started photographing her in her kitchen where she makes all her delicious treats and captured some stylised working shots. Time is precious when it comes to these sessions so Jess had organised a few pre baked items ahead of time and left some to be decorated during the session. She also had some of her favourite tools and baking products out on display as well as some business signage.

After decorating some cakes, they did a few shots around her kitchen & lounge and then a quick outfit change & out the door for some shots at the local cafe 2 minutes up the road (25ML Cafe).

Check out some highlights for this session!

Thanks for letting us capture your wonderful cake making skills in action Jess! You are as sweet as the treats you make!

Check out Jess’s work here: https://www.justjess.co.nz/